Discover unparalleled safety and style with the Premium Safety High boot, enhanced with CLI-TECH bubble technology. This boot is essential for those who demand robust protection without compromising on comfort. It features a steel toe cap that shields from impacts equivalent to 200 joules and withstands crushing forces up to 1500 kg, ensuring your feet stay secure, warm, and dry in any condition.

The boot boasts non-slip soles, an oil-resistant outsole, anti-static properties, and a steel nail protector, meeting the EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC standard. It’s not merely a work boot; it’s a sophisticated statement of resilience and meticulous craftsmanship from Polyver Sweden, designed for those who demand more.

Note: The boot runs smaller; consider choosing a larger size and consult our size guide for an accurate fit.






  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC
  • STEEL TOECAP built in PU to avoid conducting cold throughout the boot.
  • BUILT-IN ANTI PERFORATION SOLE insert made of composite textile.
  • FITTED CUT. with an ergonomically design for best comfort & support.
  • CLI-TECH Proprietary Bubble Technology PU Construction.
  • REINFORCED WALL THICKNESS to 5mm for ultimate insulation.
  • 100% WATERPROOF. Seamless design.
  • DOUBLE DENSITY OUTSOLE for better insulation.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING HEEL DESIGN. Extremely Comfortable for walking and long standing positions.
  • BARRETTES to improve grip on ladders.
  • SPECIFIC OUTSOLE to improve slip resistance.
  • RESiSTANCE to abrasion, hyrdocarbons, oils and industrial lubricants
  • SHAFT HEIGHT: 36 cm.

Polyver Sweden Bubble boots offer 3x more insulation than rubber boots, they are minimum 40% lighter and last 2x longer than rubber competitors. Our Bubble Technology is best when you have no time for cold feet.